Social Media Recipe Test

Ok so here I go … I am not the greatest cook in the world… actually scratch that I don’t do much cooking at all so I am always kind of on the hunt for things that I can cook and don’t take up to much time.

So here it goes I am trying a baked potato recipe that looks really damn easy

(so hopefully it will go well and I won’t stuff it all up)

The original recipe

Looks amazing right ?

Well let us see how it goes.

Attempt 1

  • So I pretty much had to change the recipe a little bit because since I have a conventional oven that could not get to the temp specified in the recipe I just simply have to wing it
  • And I also forgot to add the butter in between the side of the potato (this could be messy)
  • I have the conventional oven at max heat 250 degrees and in for about 50 mins
  • After it finished cooking I added some butter and then cooked for 10 mins (because I forgot to add it prior to cooking)



  • Pretty much it was great! Served with the salad it doesn’t feel all that slimy and gross!!!

Things that I would change

  • I should have read that recipe method and I should have added the butter prior to cooking
  • I should try with some sour cream
  • Add more herbs to the mix!

Would I do this again? The answer is YES!!!! OMG YES!!! It was seriously so much deliciousness on the plate I didn’t know what to do with myself

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